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Coastal Carolina Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

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Patient Review by Bob L

Coastal Carolina is top notch with professional and friendly service from everyone that works there. Dr. Cofer is exceptional and I really appreicate that he continually tells you what he is doing while doing it. I had major molar extracted with zero pain during removal and zero pain afterwards. My mouth feels completely normal afterwards with no need for any pain medications.

- Bob L

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Patient Review by Donald B

Haven’t been to appt yet

- Donald B

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Patient Review by Connie G

I could not be more pleased . I was greeted immediately and seen within a few minutes , even though I had arrived early . Dr Eckert went over my records and medication asked a few questions and began the exam. He was very kind and thorough and explained his diagnosis so I could easily understand it. He even wrote the long medical term on a prescription pad for my daughters who were eagerly waiting. He eased my mind and will see me anytime I need him. Scheduled a re check for one month just for good measure at no cost . I can't say enough good about Him and his staff. The office is beautiful and comfortable if you had to wait a few minutes. He's top notch as is his staff. I visited the Myrtle Beach office at Carolina Forest near my home . Connie G Conway SC

- Connie G

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Patient Review by Carla P

Great experience,

- Carla P

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Patient Review by Robert J

Dr Eckert has been treating necrosis of my jaw. His knowledge, care, and compassion are second to none. I would highly recommend Dr Eckert to anyone in need of oral surgery care. Plus, he's a really nice person.

- Robert J

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Patient Review by Missy S

Great office! Friendly and helpful staff! Dr. Eckert was very thorough in his exam, explaining the procedure he would do and what to expect after the procedure was done.

- Missy S

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Patient Review by Nancy P

Preface this to say I am terrified of going to a dentist. From the minute I was called by Patrick, Dr. Cofer's assistant, I began to lose some of my apprehension. He was so reassuring, understanding and calming. Dr. Cofer is amazing. I had to have a broken tooth extracted. Dr. Cofer accomplished that with no pain. There was the novocaine pinch, but other than that, painless. I can't recommend this office high enough. Five stars don't seem sufficient enough.

- Nancy P

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Patient Review by clem b

This is the most amazing dental surgery office and practice I have ever been to. Everyone is so kind and caring. They lower the anxiety level of patients by 100%! I cannot praise everyone here enough!! Thank you all!!!

- clem b

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Patient Review by Clifford V

Everyone there was great!!

- Clifford V

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Patient Review by Ann Marie S

Was referred to Dr Cofer for an implant. Was called the next day for an appointment. Met with Dr Confer & Karen, who both put me at ease immediately. The offices are clean & all precautions are taken by staff and other patients. I'm just so grateful this is where I was referred, I just feel the staff really cares about you, everything is explained, and you feel comfortable. There is no rushing, and great results. If you are looking for a great Oral Surgeon, and staff that are compassionate please go to Dr Cofer & Karen!

- Ann Marie S

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Patient Review by Emiliano Lopez A

Mi hijo tiene una cita programada para el 10 de noviembre del 2020

- Emiliano Lopez A

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Patient Review by Mary M

I was referred to this office by Aspen Dental and I am happy I was. My appointment was for 1:15 and I was called into the exam room at 1:15. Dr. Cofer came into the room and introduced himself. Asked me a few questions and asked if I would like the tooth extracted then. I went into another room where he administrated the novocain. When I was numb he told me what would be happening and talked to me through the whole procedure . It was quick and easy. They sent me home with very good instructions and said they would call tonight to check on me. Dr. Cofer called me himself to make sure I was doing ok. It was the best dental experience I have ever had. Dr. Cofer and his staff are super. I have recommended this office and Dr Cofer to a friend that needs an extraction.

- Mary M

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Patient Review by Kenneth K

When my dentist determined I need a sinus lift and double implant, I was referred to Dr. Reece Cofer of the Coastal Carolina Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. During my initial appointment, Dr. Cofer took X-Rays and meticulously spelled out to me the procedure he would be undertaking, which consisted of two Endosteal implant placements, a sinus and a sinus lift with a bone graft. I left the office with a full understanding and knowledge about the procedure, thanks to Dr. Cofer's comprehensive consultation. Three weeks later I returned to the office for my procedure. Everything about Coastal Carolina Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is top rate and professional. Upon my arrival, the lady behind the counter provided me a warm greeting and was extremely courteous. Within moments of my arrival I was called back to the room where the procedure would take place. Dr. Cofer again walked me through the procedure he would be following, meticulously explaining each step and on two occasions asked me if I had any questions. His assistants, Nurse Karen, Kim, and Ashley were extremely kind and courteous as they prepped me for the procedure, answering questions and setting a positive atmosphere in the dental room. Dr. Cofer was able to perform multiple procedures including the sinus lift, bone graft, and Endosteal Implant Placement in the one appointment. Every aspect of the procedure was pain free, and throughout the process, Dr. Cofer and his staff were consummate professionals. Later that afternoon I received a personal call from Dr. Cofer, asking how I was doing and explaining post-procedure directions to me. I am grateful for the wonderful care I received from Dr. Cofer, Nurse Karen, Kim, and Ashley. They are all professionals in the truest sense of the word, and I highly recommend Dr. Cofer and the Coastal Carolina Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Group to any prospective customers. You won't find more caring and capable dental professionals anywhere!

- Kenneth K

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Patient Review by Daniel S

I visited Dr. Maxwell in 2016 for a possible tooth extraction. This extraction was ordered by another DDS. Dr. Maxwell discussed with me and agreed that this tooth could wait and when ready it was ready to remove to give a call for the extraction. It lasted for 3 years. I called his office I got an appointment time. I was there for my appointment and 10 minute wait. I was seated, dressed and tooth was extracted. The assistant gave me all the instructions, paper work and necessary prescriptions. All and all it was a extreme professional visit for an 81 year old. Thank you Dr. Maxwell and crew.

- Daniel S

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Patient Review by Inge L

I have nothing but praise for Dr. Maxwell, my anxiety hit about the roof when I entered the office in Conway. Dr. Maxwell is one of the best oral surgeon in South Carolina, his professionalisms, patience and understanding took away that anxiety and I trusted him with my oral surgery. The staff is very friendly and everyone has a smile, which gives this place a comforting environment. I want to shout out a big thank you to everyone.

- Inge L

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Patient Review by Liana M

Dr. ECKERT is the best oral surgeon ever! He & the staff are kind, professional, knowledgeable, & the best at explaining & executing their jobs! Thorough, comforting, & did I say kind?! I highly recommend them for all oral surgerical needs! God bless them & theirs! Thank you so much for your seamless & perfect assistance in the past, & for my current & upcoming needs!

- Liana M

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Patient Review by Shirley C

I have been a patient of Dr. Edward Eckert since he did my first dental implant in 2007. At the age of 86 I returned this year without hesitation based on my past experience. I am in the middle of my second implant and am happy to share that Dr. Eckert and his staff have treated me personally and professionally with great care, explained the procedure to me in a way I could understand, provided excellent follow-up and I have had no post-surgical pain! This very satisfied patient would recommend Coastal Carolina Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery to anyone who requires this level of dental services.

- Shirley C

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Patient Review by Laurie B

I would like to recognize Dr. Ed Eckert for his high level of professionalism, expertise and great patient care. I had a root canal performed years ago in which the dentist had cracked my tooth. After years of dealing with this damaged tooth, I was told it was necessary to have it replaced with a dental implant. I had heard great things about Dr. Eckert over the years, and so I had my case referred to him. I was nervous about having my first dental implant, but after Dr. Eckert spoke to me about the procedure, I knew there was nothing to fear. His calm demeanor and kind words made me feel at ease. If there was any doubt left about having the procedure done, his assistant, Karen Hasara quelled it. I cannot imagine a better team to have performed surgery on me. They worked seamlessly during the procedure and Karen was there for me from start to finish. I cannot thank them for taking such great care of me.

- Laurie B

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Patient Review by Kim D

I have absolutely had a great experience. I had no anxiety going to get work done with Dr. Maxwell, he is so calming and explains everything. He has all the updated top notch equipment. There is very little wait time. I've had 2 procedures done here and would recommend to everyone. Just wish Dr Maxwell did everything to finalize my implants, he is so good and his office is excellent great staff. ...... my anxiety levels will jump sky high having to go to another dentist to complete the implant procedure 🙁 Thank you Dr. Maxwell, for a great job!

- Kim D

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Patient Review by Kelsey K

The staff was phenomenal. I will go back for any future work/appointments. Dr. Eckert is wonderful!

- Kelsey K

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